Circular Economy by RENU™

The unique technology which RENU™ applies enables recycling old garment and textile into newly born recycled polyester and polyester material while the conventional recycling approach can only use selected pet bottle wastes to be put into its recycling process. The depolymerization and refining processes of RENU™ are the keys to produce brand-new polyester material with properties compatible to virgin products.

What Makes RENU™ Unique


Realize ‘Garment to Garment’ with RENU.

RENU realizes a circular economy in fashion by utilizing textile and clothing that used to be thrown away. This leads to less non-renewable resources put into the supply chain. At one of the partner factories of RENU Project located in China, they are replacing yearly 30 thousand metric tons of non-renewable resources by using collected old fabrics and garments.
Participating in RENU Project will mean supporting this ‘Garment to Garment’ system that provides a solution to the social and environmental issues in a global scale.


Color RENU with your color.

While polyester’ s dye-ability and colorful brightness has enlarged the possibility and diversity in textile product design, it becomes a challenge to completely remove those colors from the fiber and material when it comes to recycling them. RENU applies a unique technology in its recycling process that allows the recycled polyester to have a dye-ability compatible with virgin polyester. It could be dyed to the required colors without constraints such as the color difference from batch to batch which most of the recycled polyester products in the market currently are facing.


Differentiate your products with RENU.

Fine counts, high-tenacity, unique cross-sections, unique brightness – these are commonly recognized and applied in today’ s textile products made with virgin fiber, however, we cannot take it as granted in recycled polyester. Typically for conventional recycled polyester, the quality and performance of the recycled polyester is highly related to the quality of the pet bottle wastes it uses and even with a high level of proper segregation and processing, it is
nearly impossible to produce products compatible with virgin polyester. RENU can utilize nearly any type of pre-consumer and post-consumer wastes no matter where it comes from as far as it contains polyester.

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