ーRENU × MIDORI WIDEACSー Fully recyclable uniforms are launched! 

2023 08 10 OTHER

RENU® x MIDORI WiDEACS® is a recycling system for used uniforms.

The uniforms are collected by MIDORI ANZEN’s recycling system, MIDORI WiDEACS, and are then pulverised, decomposed and re-polymerised,

The uniforms are then crushed, disassembled and re-polymerised, before being transformed into uniforms again using the RENU® system,

The uniforms are then sold again by MIDORI ANZEN.

This fully recycling-oriented approach, which covers production, sales, collection and recycling, is a new form of recycled uniforms.



Used products manufactured and sold by MIDORI ANZEN are collected from all over Japan and recycled under a wide-area certification system.

This is MIDORI ANZEN’s unique ‘recovery-type recycling system’.


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