Solution for massive disposal in the fashion industry


Approximately 100 billion pieces of clothing are produced in the world annually, and a huge amount of waste textiles and old clothing exist behind this. Only a small portion of them is being recycled, and most of the rest is disposed of either by disposal, incineration, or landfill, thus placing a significant impact on the global environment. Needless to say, when new clothes are produced, limited oil resources are consumed. Can we do something about this challenge? That's how the RENU project started.

Renu Our Fashion

“Renu Our Fashion”

Our goal is to change the fashion industry in order to realize a circular economy by proposing new models for the future fashion industry, such as recycling waste fiber and used clothing from the supply chain. At the same time, we will create a new world in which people can enjoy sustainable fashion more freely with the participation of producers, brands and consumers in the RENU project..

Together with the producers

As a producer, we have to choose sustainable materials and production methods in order to take the global environment into consideration, but at the same time, we have to face the limited choice of materials and the limitations of quality and function. The RENU Project will work with producers who are committed to manufacturing without compromising quality while contributing to the global environment.

Together with the brand

In this age of fast fashion, mass disposal of clothing has become an increasingly serious social problem, and CSR and ESG are major issues that cannot be avoided for brands and retailers. Participation in the RENU project should lead to an evaluation by stakeholders and investors and provide an important opportunity to grow into a better company. Why don't you work with producers to create products as you want and deliver more sustainable fashion to consumers?

Together with Consumers

The number of news related to the global environment is increasing in our daily lives, and as we have more opportunities to think about it as a familiar problem, more and more people may want to take action. Producers and brands are particular about what they produce, Sustainable fashion, Enjoying each person's fashion is an important step in contributing to the future of the earth, and It also leads to changes in fashion.Let's change the world together by supporting brands participating in the RENU project.