In general, recycled polyester is made from PET bottles, which are then melted to form yarns. RENU, on the other hand, uses unneeded clothing, leftovers from production, and shredded materials (dough) as raw materials, and goes through chemical processes such as disassembly and repolymerization. As a result, all the colors and miscellaneous materials contained in the raw materials are removed, making it possible to produce polyester that is of comparable quality to petroleum-derived polyester.

color RENU with your “color”


Conventional recycling technologies, such as those used to recycle PET bottles, have had a problem in that it is difficult to completely remove the color that adheres to them, resulting in subtle color differences between lots. RENU's recycling technology is called “chemical recycling methods”, which has been overcome and the recycled fiber has the same stable dyeability as petroleum-derived polyester. No matter what color of clothing or fabric you recycle, you can get the colors you want.

Make a difference with "Quality"


The world is flooded with a wide variety of high quality and functional clothing. The demand for fiber as a raw material is increasing day by day, and products with added value such as fine count, high strength, special cross section and luster are required. Conventional polyester recycled from PET bottles was limited in quality because the quality of the raw materials depended on it. However, RENU's technology can recycle any raw material into fibers of stable quality, making it possible to express the features and functions essential to producing high-quality clothing.