RENU was featured in “Yell Market” operated by Yahoo! JAPAN

2023 01 31 OTHER

RENU project and products using RENU are published in a special feature on the Circular Economy in the “Yell Market” operated by Yahoo!

ずっと続く物語のある服 サーキュラー・ファッションという選択 RENU – エールマーケット – Yahoo! JAPAN



■What is “Yell Market”?


After the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake of March 11, 2011, “Fukkou (Recovery) Department” was released to support stores and producers in Tohoku who were cut off from sales channels.

It was transformed into “Tohoku Yell Market” in July 2016 and into the nationwide “Yell Market” in October 2018.

Under the theme of “Ethical Consumption,” in which products are purchased and consumed with consideration for people, the environment, and society, only products selected by Yahoo! representatives are listed, based on criteria such as Eco Mark and other certified labels, organic, support for people with employment difficulties, environmental consideration, and disaster support.

In addition, the site offers feature articles on “ethical consumption” and “sustainable society”.

▼Yell Market

ここにあるもの、ぜんぶ応援したいもの。Yell Marketエールマーケット – Yahoo! JAPAN