“Wear to Fashion” initiatives are expanding!

2023 01 25 OTHER

With this new initiative as a part of the RENU Project, the textile collection service “Wear to Fashion” is expanding in the Japanese market.

This project was launched after signing an agreement with Ecommit Corporation, a company that develops resource recycling businesses through reusing and recycling.

Since the launch of this project in the spring of 2022, we has started to collaborate with “Estnation” operated by SAZABY LEAGUE, Ltd., “ROPE’ PICNIC” operated by Jun Co., AOKI Inc., and Haruyama Trading Co., Ltd.


Furthermore, we have begun to collaborate in the sale of “Rebirth WOOL,” a line of wool products made by re-creating wool by rebinding wool from the collected products.

By expanding the Wear to Fashion initiative in Japan and elsewhere, we aim to realize a circular economy.


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